About Us

Who are ToyStar?

At ToyStar, we're passionate about encouraging creative, imaginative and active play. Whether your child is learning to walk or heading to college, our toys, games and sports equipment are designed to help them learn new skills whilst having fun. ToyStar is also the home of JumpStar Sports. Whilst both brands share the same values, they're designed to aid your child's development in very different ways.

  • Affordable Quality

    ToyStar: We know how easily kids can break their toys and how costly it is to replace them. That’s why we design our toys to the highest standard at a price you can afford.

    JumpStar Sports: We believe price plays a huge role in the lack of youngsters playing sports. By providing quality equipment at amazing prices, we hope to inspire all ages to participate.

  • Fun

    ToyStar: Fun is at the forefront of everything we do. If we receive a sample of one of our toys and it doesn’t pass the ToyStar Fun Test, we go straight back to the drawing board and start again.

    JumpStar Sports: There’s no harm in a bit of healthy competition but sports are far more enjoyable when you’re having fun. Whilst the quality of our products is important, pleasure is paramount too.

  • Discovery

    ToyStar:Whether it's a ride-on car to explore their surroundings or a miniature instrument for them to play, every toy we sell is designed to help children learn, develop and discover their hidden talents.

    JumpStar Sports: From classic sports equipment to cool sports games, we’re constantly creating new products for the UK market to help youngsters discover their sporting passion and hone their skills.

The ToyStar Ethos

We design all of our toys and sports equipment ourselves, produce them in our own factory and deliver them direct to your front door. By cutting out suppliers, we’re able to sell our products at sensational prices that won’t break the bank.

Our toys and sports equipment are inspired by the wants and needs of children. As parents of different age groups, we know what toys and games are popular with younger and older kids alike. We also have a keen nose for the next big product.

We’re crazy about product to help kids learn and grow and we’re committed to making them as active and fun as possible. That’s why we launched the ToyStar Fun Test. All of our toys are tried and tested by children to ensure they provide the best enjoyment.

The ToyStar Experience

Same Day Dispatch

To ensure that your items arrive in the fastest time possible, we guarantee that we’ll dispatch them on the day of purchase if you order before 2pm.*

Express Delivery

To ensure that your order arrives as quickly as possible, we offer an Express Delivery service at the checkout. It’s perfect if you’re after a last-minute present for a child’s special day..

Free delivery for order over £40

It isn’t just the cost of toys and sports equipment that you have to consider, but the price of postage too. We have postage covered with free delivery on orders over £40.

Enhanced Content

We produce highly detailed product descriptions so that you know everything you need to know about a product, including features, benefits and specifications.

Industry Knowledge

We have a vast knowledge of the toy industry thanks to a wealth of expert sources and we’ve been selling sports equipment for five years and know the industry inside out. Our blog features quality content, fun tips and useful advice so that we can share our knowledge with you.

Customer service

Our customer service team are always happy to answer any questions, or you may have about our toys and equipment. The team are on hand from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

*Please note that same day dispatch is subject to change during particularly busy times of the year, including the Christmas period and the peak of the summer season.

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