Role Play Toys (4)

  1. Drink and wet baby doll comes with 9 accessories
    Baby Love Olivia Drink & Wet Doll
    SAVE 40% RRP £24.99
  2. Playset includes a doll bath with working shower to bathe baby Ella in water
    Baby Love Ella Doll Bath Time Playset
    SAVE 71% RRP £34.99
  3. Baby doll doctor kit includes stethoscope, otoscope and other accessories
    Baby Love Holly Doll Doctor Playset
    SAVE 50% RRP £29.99
Whether they want to be a famous popstar or care for their very own baby girl, little ones can fulfil their wildest dreams with our amazing range of role-play toys. Encourage kids to get creative with our musical instruments and inspire imaginative play with our Baby Love dolls, including dolls that wet themselves and dolls they can nurse and bathe.
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