Music Zone 3/4 Beginner's Acoustic Guitar (Age 8-12)

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A great first instrument for children aged 8-12 years, the Music Zone 3/4 Size 6 String Acoustic Guitar comes with a strap and plectrum to immediately start strumming. The guitar is fitted with 3 nylon strings which are softer to play and 3 steel strings to produce a more dynamic sound. Front: basswood finish / Sides: rosewood finish / 6 pegs for tuning / Length of guitar neck: 17” / Length of guitar body: 18.5” / Overall length of guitar: 38”.

  • 3/4 size 6 string acoustic guitar is perfect for budding guitarists aged 8 to 12 yrs
  • Designed with 3 nylon strings and 3 steel strings to produce a rich, vibrant sound
  • Stylish rosewood and basswood finish with plated chrome pegs for simple tuning
  • Supplied with an adjustable guitar strap and extra-large plectrum for easy plucking
  • Neck length – 17 inches / Body length – 18.5 inches / Overall length – 38 inches
Music Zone Beginner’s Guitar
This Music Zone Beginner’s Acoustic Guitar is a fantastic first instrument for little ones. Made from a natural wood construction to make it sturdy and durable. The front has a basswood finish, the back and sides have a rosewood finish.
Everything you need to get started
The guitar comes with everything youngsters need to learn and play, including an extra-large plectrum for easy plucking and an adjustable strap to stand and play.
3 Nylon & 3 Steel Strings
Nylon strings are softer for little fingers to strum whilst steel strings produce a richer sound (the sort you’d expect to hear on a George Ezra record). By combining 3 nylon and 3 steel strings, Music Zone offers the best of both worlds. It feels comfortable to play and sounds sublime.
Pegs for Easy Tuning
Easy tuning pegs allow children to easily tune the guitar so that it produces the finest sound possible. There are lots of Apps that you can download and tutorials that you can view online to help you tune the guitar and ensure your child gets the best out of their Music Zone guitar.
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