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Sculpt Your Stomach
Spin your way to a flatter stomach with a Core Balance Weighted Hula Hoop. Our weighted hoops are designed to help you spin for longer, burn more calories, and build a stronger core. Choose from a wavy hoop to target your core or a smooth hoop for a comfortable workout.
Wavy Hoop
Our wavy hoop features ‘power waves’ on the inside which bump against your hip, back, and stomach muscles as you spin. This stimulates your core, tightens your abs, and helps to tone your stomach. If you’ve never used a hoop before, you may find the bumps a bit too painful.
Smooth Hoop
Our smooth hoop is ideal for first-time users whose muscles aren’t acclimatised to using a wavy hoop. Its smooth interior makes it more comfortable to use. Whilst it doesn’t provide the same grip as a wavy hoop, it delivers the same calorie-burning benefits to slim your waistline.
1kg Weight
Weight is key when choosing a fitness hoop. The heavier the hoop, the higher the risk of injury, and the lighter it is, the harder it is to spin. At 1kg, our fitness hoops strike a perfect balance. They’re not too light or too heavy, making them ideal for beginners and advanced users alike.
Foam Padded
Our weighted hoops have a reinforced plastic core which is covered in foam padding for greater grip as you spin. If you lose your momentum and drop the weighted hula hoop, the foam padding will help to protect the bony joints of your hips, legs, and feet from injury.
Simple to Assemble
Our weighted hula hoops come in 8 sections which click-together for easy assembly. Each section has a hollow end and a protruding end with a button. Simply press the button to securely insert the protruding end of one section into the hollow end of another section.
Easy to Store & Carry
Each section of the hoop is marked with a circle. By holding the circle down, you can release the button that secures each section together and easily take the hoop apart. Its detachable design allows you to easily store it away, pop it in your bag and take it on your travels.
Hygienic & Easy to Clean
One of the benefits of NBR foam is that it’s non-absorbent and resistant to bacteria. This makes it easy to clean and more hygienic to use. If the foam padding gets stained or dirty, simply wipe the hoop with a damp cloth and leave it to one side for a few hours to naturally dry.
Choose your Size
The larger a hoop, the less energy is required to keep it spinning. This allows you to use it for longer and increase your calorie burn. However, if a hoop is too big, it’s practically impossible to use. Our hoops have a diameter of 98cm, but you can decrease their size by building them with fewer sections. Use 6 sections to build a 75cm hoop or 7 sections to build an 87cm hoop.
Feel the Burn
Remember the saying: no pain, no gain? When you first start using a weighted hoop, it can make your waist muscles feel bruised and tender. This is perfectly natural as your muscles aren’t used to the exertion of the extra weight. Thankfully, the more you hoop, the stronger your hip, back and stomach muscles will become. Eventually, you shouldn’t feel any pain at all.
Slim your Waistline
The health benefits of hula hooping are huge. By giving you a core workout, it can help you develop your posture, flexibility, and balance. And that’s on top of slimming your waistline and sculpting your stomach. There are also lots of ways you can intensify your workout. Why not try dancing or using resistance bands while hula hooping? There are no limits except your own.
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